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What's Verizon?

Verizon doesn't just make cell phones. For instance, they offer the Verizon, as well. Basically, it's an online content distribution service that provides ample benefits for Verizon users. It's a notable rival of the popular Xbox Live Network by Microsoft, sharing multiple similar aspects such as user interface and functionality. Verizon was originally intended for use with certain Verizon video phone consoles. However, it was later extended to encompass high-definition TVs, smartphones, tablets, and Blu-ray players. Verizon boasts a total of over 110 million active monthly Verizon users.

How Does Verizon Work?

The Verizon is availed via free and premium subscription plans. And, using it is conveniently simple and straightforward. You just need to ensure you've reliable Internet access and a compatible Verizon phone. You're required to create a Verizon account by choosing a unique phone number (online identifier) and providing basic information, including your preferred email address.

A Glance at Some Features of Verizon

Can I Get Free Verizon Codes?

We can all agree that it's undeniably impossible to satisfy yourself with just a few Verizon codes. Furthermore, most Verizon users find it difficult to enjoy as much as they'd want since these phones can be quite costly. Video phoners are then left in a desperate position, realizing that they can't enjoy as much as they had expected from their phone consoles. That needs not be the case, though. Below are a few LEGIT ways through which you can get free Verizon codes:

Free Verizon Codes as Giveaways

Nowadays, you'll come across some people giving away Verizon Codes on various major social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. To do that, they usually require one to follow or subscribe to their profiles and/or channels. Unfortunately, we'd be correct to say you're highly unlikely to win any giveaway. Bear in mind that there are millions of other subscribers and thousands of these are following that giveaway. Thankfully, you can increase your chances of bagging such opportunities. Just ensure that you're pursuing giveaways that are sponsored by legitimate, well-established companies. You can also consider looking up people with a significantly high and popular social media presence.

Free Verizon Codes from Points' Sites

There are websites that offer points by performing several tasks. One can then redeem his/her points for free PS Plus codes. But, only an infinitely few of such sites are legit. Such include the Points & Prizes website. To farm these points, you might be prompted to play certain flash phones, fill out several surveys, answer various questions, and watch ads. However, we highly advise against using sites which make outlandish claims. Observe keen diligence and watch out for any red flags.

Free Verizon Codes through the Barter System

In the pre-Medieval period, people mainly relied on the Barter trade system. They would exchange valuable goods with the items they were seeking. At the time, coins and currency were yet to be introduced. This system isn't so popular, nowadays. However, you can still claim Verizon codes using the Barter system on several popular sites. Such include Reddit and eBay. It's an excellent way to save a significant deal of your money. But, it's important that you verify the authenticity of the free Verizon codes being provided, beforehand.

Websites Offering Free Verizon Codes Online

For years now, many people have been talking about the multiple sites that are self-proclaimed as free Verizon codes' providers. With a simple Google search, you'll quickly come across websites that claim they can hack Verizon codes and offer them at absolutely no cost! The mere truth is that the Web is flooded by illegitimate and scam characters. Aside from that, most of those selling Verizon codes online are not as legit as they proclaim themselves to be. Exercise vigilance and be smart. Don't let your greed land you in trouble. The safest means through which you can purchase Verizon codes is by getting them from your local nearby retailers or via the official Verizon site (

Access Free Verizon Code No Human Verification

We understand, though. Most of us aren't just after safety. Not all video phoners can afford the costly prices set for Verizon codes. And, they're usually in pursuit of a SAFE way they can get free Verizon codes. Fortunately, for you, we provide exactly what you're seeking. We've been providing free Verizon codes for quite some time, now. Our Verizon Code generator has been designed to generate free, yet valid codes, effortlessly and safely. These are distributed in different denominations: $10, $20, and $50. Upon receiving your free Verizon codes, you can redeem them and purchase some stuff using your Verizon account. This tool is extremely simple to use and incredibly fast. You can generate your Verizon codes from any Internet-enabled device. You won't have any problem when accessing this site using your Android/iOS smartphone, tablet, or PC.

How to Obtain Free Verizon Codes in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Head to our homepage.
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  3. Enter your cell number.
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  5. Follow the simple instructions and that's it!


Since the Verizon was conceived, virtually everything about it has just gotten better. It'll continue maintaining its stand as a vital element of the Verizon phone consoles' experience. Verizon already boasts a remarkable catalog of 3rd party content providers, thus bringing in even more entertainment. As such, you can be certain that any investment you'll make in the Verizon will be served well even in future.

Get Your Free Verizon Code No Surveys & No Downloads

Unlike most other sites, we won't ask you to download anything or take part in any survey. Everything is done online right on the Verizon Pro platform. No human verification is required, too. That said, safety shouldn't be a concern on your part.

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We encourage you to give our online tool a try right away. In fact, there's absolutely nothing you stand to lose, here. Take advantage of this opportunity while it's available. Ultimately, regretting that you didn't capitalize on it is the last thing you'd want. It'd only be wise to claim your free Verizon codes right away. We're looking forward to your feedback on your experience with our free Verizon codes.